Lightweight Meilenstein C24E Clincher Wheelset

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We are consistently looking for the optimum. And when we get this certain feeling, that something could be better, we improve it. That‘s why we redefined our benchmark. So we focussed, we worked meticolously, we puzzled and we filed - on the design, the weight and the aerodynamics. The result: Even more control while riding and even better charateristics on the brake than ever. So we pushed the limits once again and created a wheel, that is really impressive: It is the best MEILENSTEIN, we have ever built. MEILENSTEIN. Newly defined.[split]

For generations Lightweight has been chasing the dream of the perfect allround wheel. Its incredible characteristics and versatile application possibilities made it the benchmark on the streets of the world. Now, the evolution of this icon is about to herald a new era with specific improvements. The rim width has been widened, durability and braking performance were raised to a new level and thanks to the new construction stiffness values increased considerably. But words and numbers can’t describe MEILENSTEIN adequately – you need to ride it.

  • Best stiffness/weight values among all available full carbon clinchers
  • Exceptional braking performance in both, dry and wet conditions
  • Best heat resistance among full carbon clinchers thanks to special design
  • First full carbon clincher that's compatible with mountainous roads while providing maximum safety
  • Test winner of all clincher tests of the past years

TIRE TYPE: Clincher
RIM DEPTH: 48mm/48mm
RIM WIDTH: 24mm (External)
NO. OF SPOKES: 16/20 or 20/20
TYRE WIDTH: 24-34mm

Max Rider Weight + Luggage

Mfr Claimed Weight
1290g (16/20)
1305g (20/20)