King Cage Titanium Many Things Cage + Orange Voile Straps

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The Titanium Many Things Cage, utilizes the 3 bolt mount found on many bikepacking, touring and adventure bikes. Perfect for strapping on anything you like really! Have an oversized bottle? No problems. Want to strap a dry bag on? Easy. How about a VB longneck at 20 to 8 in the morning? Get that up ya![split]

Note: This will work with any frame using that has standard 2 bolt mounts, but it's not recommended to "load it up" too much. If you are using a standard 2 bolt system, it's strongly recommended that you get a King Cage USB - Universal Support Bolt for the middle.

Titanium tubing
Includes 2x Voile 20" Straps
Made in the USA

Mfr Claimed Weight
37g (without straps)