FUMPA Pump - Battery Powered Compressor Pump

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Engineered specifically for cyclists, our Fumpa Pumps are simple to use, effortless, light weight, and very very fast.

Fumpa has been designed for accuracy and speed. Use Fumpa before you go out for a ride.[split]

  • Contains a patented compressor design, which compresses surrounding air at remarkable speeds to fill your tyres.
  • Utilises brushless motor technology to provide incredible power to the compressor.
  • Relies on a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, which is easily charged using the supplied micro-USB cable.
  • Incorporates a patented casing design, which provides strength, reduces vibration and thermally stabilises the internal compressor.
  • Intuitive push-button start.
  • Fumpa also includes a digital pressure sensor to present accurate pressure readings to the user (in psi, kPa and Bar units).

Size: 1.7×2.9×3.5in. (42x73x87mm)
0-100psi: 20-25 seconds for a 700x23c tyre
Max pressure: 120psi
Digital readout: selectable between psi, kPa and Bar units. 3% accuracy
Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

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