Corima MCC DX 32mm Disc Brake Clincher Wheelset

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Three years of research and development with a single clear focus : designing and producing the PERFECT disc brake wheelset to cover all aspects of racing, from lightweight and superior stiffness for climbing to optimizing aerodynamics and control for fast descends and flat roads. The new shape of the MCC DX wheels has been designed to reduce air drag. The full-carbon, 12-spoke MCC DX launched in spring of 2020 is our high-performance answer to the rise of disc brakes.[split]

MCC wheels are assembled using only 12 spokes (FR and RR). This pairing of the spokes leads to a considerable reduction in resistance and influence from cross winds. Giving the rider more control. The placement of the 6 anchor points of the spokes inside the rim, uniformly distributes the extra weight of these anchors. This setting creates a very low level of rotational inertia, perfect for high-speed climbing and for rapid accelerations during races.

Corima’s D2T system on the rear wheel overcomes the biggest obstacle for FULL carbon disc brake hubs - torque in both directions from pedaling and braking. We succeeded in producing a full carbon disc brake rear hub that is strong enough to withstand these forces. Front wheels only need to be strong enough to deal with this torque when braking. Rear wheels need to be able to handle these forces during acceleration AND braking. Our unique Y-shaped carbon configuration where 2 spokes are joined ensures the distribution of forces during acceleration AND braking.

The Y-shaped joint allows us to produce a FULL carbon wheel that is unrivalled in performance, weight, strength and stiffness with a unique and race-ready appearance. CORIMA ’s secret behind its incredible stiffness : weight ratio is hidden in the rim structure. All CORIMA wheels are filled with a structural foam and a horizontal UD carbon fiber bar to increase overall rigidity and strength. The Torsion Box concept created and patented by CORIMA in the 90’s, significantly reduces the flex found in ALL hollow carbon rims. This stiffness allows for enhanced power transfer in the most direct way possible to the ground, to push the bike forward. Because of this internal structure, the wheel is able to keep its trueness better under load. This core also helps to absorb both vibrations and sound for a quiet and more comfortable ride.

Each CORIMA wheel is done by hand which makes them unique.

    28" clincher pair
    Profile : 32MM
    Rim width : 26mm
    Axle : Thru axle Ø12 x 142mm
    Carbon weave : 3K
    Front Carbon Spokes : 12
    Front Carbon Spokes : 12
    Front : Integrated magnet
    Kit includes: Rim Tape, Wheelbag, Valve extender
    Optional Decals (available separately): Outline, White, Shiny Black, Matt Black, Gold

    Mfr Claimed Weight