Tune FusePlugs - Black

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FusePlugs, the tuned handlebar plugs for your cockpit! So that you and your carbon handlebars are protected! Take up forces that occur in the event of a fall. [split]

In the event of a fall, the forces that occur are usually transferred directly to the carbon structure. The carbon can be damaged the first time, although there are no signs from the outside. To counteract this, we developed these plugs with an elastomer buffer.

That makes you comparable to the crumple zone of a car. The forces now arising in the event of a fall are absorbed by the FusePlugs and thereby protect your carbon handlebars from damage.

Due to the availability in all tune colors, you can set small individual highlights in the cockpit, how they fit you and your bike. At 12g, the pair remain inconspicuously on your scales.

The nylon used is UV resistant.

UV resistant Nylon 
Handlebar inner diameter must be larger than 18.7mm

Mfr Claimed Weight