Surly Singleator Chain Tensioner - Black

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Back before Pintz Guzld was Pintz Guzld, he went by Pete Geigle and he was a Midwest singlespeed legend. In an effort to spread the gospel of singlespeedery, he developed the 1x1 Singleator. It was one of our first products and we still really like it a lot. Over the years, it’s been many a singlespeeder’s first foray into a derailleur-free lifestyle.

The Singleator mounts right up to your derailleur hanger and provides a simple, effective and adjustable means of tensioning the excess chain slack found in vertical dropout singlespeed drivetrains. The Singleator features a triple-sealed spring, large cog capacity, chain guides, fully-adjustable chain line, floating pulley, and a stainless-steel pivot bushing. The main body is forged, so it’s strong. We’ve gone with an 11-tooth pulley for smooth, quiet operation. And it now works with both 1/8" (BMX) and 3/32" (geared bikes) chains. Beware impostors; the Singleator is the granddaddy and outperforms all others.

Notes: Surly Singleator comes with PUSH DOWN Spring installed and PUSH UP Spring in packaging

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