Single O Multichutes Mixed Box Of Chutes - Box of 10

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No duds here! With an all-stellar line up, rest assured, this ain’t no mixed chocolate box situation with ones that no-one wants. 

Multichutes comprise our latest single origin coffees, either washed or natural processes, or both if you're lucky. And more often than not, they feature a limited-edition blend too. Single Origins are best black, Chute Blend is great with milk or black.

Best kept for yourself. Though they do make for a top gift. 


Chelichele Ethiopia, Natural

Uraga Ethiopia, Natural 

Chute Blend


Rip: Gently tear along perforation  

Drip: Hang on cup & fill n’ drip 3 times (200ml) with water just off the boil  

Sip: Drink surprisingly good convenient coffee