Silca 210 PSI Gauge Replacement

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Restore your classic Pista/SuperPista to its former glory and get a brand new gauge to upgrade its accuracy and running like new again.

What is it?
210psi replacement gauge for all PISTA and SUPERPISTA pumps from the 1960's to 2013.
Who's it for?
If you are rebuilding any SILCA PISTA or SUPERPISTA produced from the 1960’s to 2013 and want to ensure original accuracy.
Why We Designed It | Product Specs
This the of the few full metal gauges for bicycle pumps available today. In updating this part for the new SILCA, we reinforced some of the internals to improve shock resistance.

The internal mechanism uses a diaphragm where the needle is stabilized with a beautifully polished steel plate. The gauge face itself was originally hand drawn by Claudio's son who is a cartoonist in Milan.

Full metal construction
+/- 3% accuracy
210 psi maximum
Vintage gauge face illustration
Covered Under SILCA's Lifetime Warranty

Mfr Claimed Weight