Shimano GRX ST-RX810-LA 11-Speed Brake - With Integrated Seatpost Remote

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Instead of telling gravel riders what they needed, Shimano asked them what they wanted for their offroad adventures. The result are the Shimano GRX components which represent the first series especially developed for riding on rough roads and through gravel. The Shimano GRX sets itself apart from the rest of the component world with its gravel specific ergonomics, optimised gearing options, rugged reliability as well as a quiet and stable drivetrain.

For the integration of adjustable seat posts into the Gravel segment, Shimano developed the ST-RX810-LA brake lever which is suitable for the use with the mechanical GRX 1x11-speed shifting system. The lever in the GRX RX810 STI's design is installed on the left-hand side of the handlebar and uses the lever's sideways movement which is not required for shifting to actuate the adjustable seat post. Thanks to a maximum cable stroke of 8.3 mm, the remote function of the ST-RX810-LA lever works with most common dropper posts.

As with the shift/brake levers of the RX810 series, excellent braking performance is achieved by the brake lever's rotary axle which is positioned 18 mm higher than usual and Shimano's
technology improving the lever's modulation ability. In order to meet the individual needs of the driver, the hydraulic brake lever offers a tool-based reach adjustment as well.

Because the brake lever absorbs a lot of braking distance right at the start of its movement, the brake pads have disc contact more quickly and it remains more lever travel to adjust braking force. That is why SERVO WAVE brake systems are characterized by faster response, higher performance and shorter idle travel.

Greater mixed-terrain control
Gravel inspired lever and bracket ergonomics
Anti-slip brake lever
Integrated Seatpost Remote

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