Shimano Dura-Ace Ultimate BC-9000 Road Brake Cable Set - Black

Shimano Dura-Ace Ultimate BC-9000 Road Brake Cable Set - Black

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Includes 1.6mm Polymer coated inner wires (1 x 2000mm, 1 x 1000mm), and SLR outer casing for a complete bike (1 x 1800mm, 1 x 800mm), and all end caps.
Polymer coated stainless steel inner wire leaves a smooth surface for low friction and reduced sliding resistance providing a lighter quicker braking operation.
Outer casing is lubricated internally along its length with low-friction silicone grease to reduce cable friction.
SLR casing uses a special spiral wound construction that is axially stiff yet can be bent around handlebar curves.
The outer casing is lined with a hard polymer sheath to keep its round shape to assist with the smooth operation of the inner wire. 

Compatible with BR-9000 and BR-9010 brakes

ø 1.6 mm x 1000 mm (1 pc.)
ø 1.6 mm x 2000 mm (1 pc.)
Polymer coating
Stainless steel
Outer cap with tongue for BC-9000 (2 pcs.)
Inner end cap (2 pcs.)
BC-9000 brake outer casing
1800 mm (1 pc.)
800 mm (1 pc.)

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