Shimano Deore M5100 1x11 Speed Rear Derailleur - Long Cage

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Utilizing the SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ design, the SHIMANO DEORE M5100 rear derailleur delivers consistent MTB shifting performance over rough terrain. The low profile design avoids damage from rocks whiles SHIMANO's chain stabilizing technology reduces chain drop and makes for a quiet drivetrain in all gear positions.

Stable drivetrain on the trail
Low-profile design avoids damage from rocks
Chain stabilizer reduces chain drop, slap and noise
Silent drivetrain in all gear positions
Decreased rear derailleur and chain tension in low gear
Bigger 13T pulley

1x11 speed rear derailleur
Low sprocket max: 51T
High sprocket min: 11T
Total capacity: 40T
Cage Length: SGS (Long Cage)

Mfr Claimed Weight