Shimano CN-4601 10-Speed Chain

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Increase your bike performance today with the Shimano Tiagra 4600 series chain. This is a high-quality and reliable chain in all situations and is specifically designed to work best with the Tiagra 10SPD groupset. Impressively quiet and smooth thanks to the HyperGlide technology the chain also shifts crisply and quickly with dependable reliability. The optimised inner and outer plates of the chain provide a larger contact area with the teeth and ensure better power transfer and better shifting under load. The outer plates prevent Chainsuck, the jamming of the chain to the chain rings, while the inner plates provide a smooth transition from the switch.

The Shimano Tiagra chain has 116 links and is compatible with all 10 speed road drive trains and features an asymmetrical design which makes the chain directional but also makes for far smoother shifting than a standard chain. Punched holes in the plates not only reduce the weight of the chain but result in less friction with the teeth of the chainrings.

For all Shimano 2x10-speed road bike drives
Newly shaped outer plate
Roller Link Plate
Suits: Shimano Tiagra 4600 series
Gears: 10-speed
Links: 116
Width: 6.1mm
Direction bound: Yes
Perforated tabs: Yes
Chromated chain pins: Yes
Hollow Nietstifte: No
Connection pin: Push Pin Type (joining pin supplied)
Chain Compatibility: Shimano 10 | SRAM 10
Chain Type: Super Narrow HG (HyperGlide) for 10-speed
Steel output levels: 2x10 coating
Not compatible with 9-Speed system

Mfr Claimed Weight