Selle San Marco Shortfit 2.0 "Comfort Dynamic" Saddle

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Size 295g (Wide)

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Designed for long rides, the Shortfit 2.0 Comfort Dynamic, with Maganese rails, always deliver comfort and style.

Focusing on delivering supreme comfort, the Shortfit 2.0 Comfort Dynamic is the saddle of choice for long weekend group rides and training cycles with friends. Made with glass fiber reinforced shell and Manganese rails, this saddle delivers top performance every single time. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, its wave shape allows your body to move naturally, while the Open-Fit relieves pressure on the perineum. Ride in style with the Shortfit 2.0 Comfort Dynamic.

Rail : Manganese
Shell : Glass Fiber Reinforced
Foam : Pullfoam Padding
Cover : Silkfeel
Dimension : 255 x 155 mm (wide) 255 x 140 mm (narrow)
Level : Dynamic

Mfr Claimed Weight
295g (Wide)
290g (Narrow)