Runwell STEX - Portable Wrench Tool

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Following TITAN EX made of titanium alloy and SUSX made of stainless steel, we made STEX equipped with 3,4,5 mm and 6 mm hexagon wrenches.[split]

The grip extended to 100 mm firmly transmits torque to 6 mm hexagon socket head bolts. A streamlined design that matches the "DRIP 15" of the 15mm wrench, with a slight protrusion in the center to help your fingers get caught. Portable tools are "amulets for cyclists in case of unforeseen circumstances". Be careful not to overtighten the 3mm or 4mm bolts, as sufficient force will be applied. The reason is written in the details of IZA45 like a small word, but the total length of 100 mm can convey enough torque to tighten 3 mm and 4 mm bolts.

Item: Hex wrench 3,4,5,6mm
Material: Steel
Full length: 100mm

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