PRO Ergo Drop Bar Grip - Black

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Designed to provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience the PRO Ergo Drop Bar Grip is developed for use with the PRO Vibe EVO Handlebar. It is however compatible with all handlebars with drops ranging between 210mm->230mm. The grippy rubber design ensures control in all weather conditions and the ergonomic features improve comfort in comparison to standard handlebar tape.
Upgrade and outperform with the PRO Ergo Drop Bar Grip. Intended to replace standard handlebar tape on the PRO Vibe EVO Handlebars the grips are optimised for the Vibe EVO Handlebars’ SHIMANO Satellite Shifter locations as well as for performance and comfort in all weather conditions.

Alternative to standard handlebar tape
Grippy and ergonomic design
Designed for the PRO Vibe EVO Handlebars
Fits 23.8mm diameter handlebars
Also compatible with handlebar drops ranging between 210mm->230mm

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