Peaty's Tubeless Rim Tape

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Size 21mm x 9m

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Constructed from dual-layered, high tensile strength film. unique cold-foil silver logos are sandwiched between two layers of film for a long-lasting premium finish.
Primed with a bespoke adhesive, our tape forms a strong air-tight seal with your rim, yet leaves little to no mess behind when removed!
An optimum amount of stretch and a large, rigid recyclable core allows the tape to be pulled and applied with tension, contouring to your rim tightly for a better fit.
Transparent design makes finding the valve hole easy.
Cloth finishing strips included for a perfect seal (5x per 9m and 28x per 50m roll).
Our tape comes on 9 meter and 50 meter rolls in four different width options - 21mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm.

One 9 meter roll will cover approximately
5x 26" Rims
4x 27.5" Rims
4x 29" Rims
4x 700c rims

Fitting Instructions
Remove tyre and any old rim tape - Use Disc brake cleaner to remove any grease.
Clean and degrease rim thoroughly, ensuring rim is completely dry before application.
Starting two spokes behind the valve hole, press tape firmly into the centre of the rim and smooth out to the edges, removing any trapped air.
Run tape around the rim while keeping tape tension, finishing two spoke holes beyond the valve hole.
Check for any trapped air underneath the rim tape - push air bubbles out to a spoke hole to remove.
Cover the end of the tape with a strip of the finishing tape provided to prevent peel back.
Use a small spike to pierce the tape in the centre of the valve hole.
Remove dust cap, lock ring and o-ring then push valve stem through the valve hole.
Re-apply the o-ring and apply lock ring tightly by hand, ensuring there are no air gaps.
Refit tyre, add tubeless sealant.
Inflate tyre to desired pressure.