NixFrixShun NFS Green Genie Chain Lube

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Green Genie is a liquid plant based biodegradable wax.

Finally!! After a very extensive development and insanely harsh testing process Green Genie (G.G.) is here.

G.G. is the world's first Biodegradable bicycle chain lube designed for hard use. G.G. shares many adorable properties of NFS and NFS Blue Devil. Aside from the fact that G.G. is odourless, colourless and non-toxic it will last under all conditions. G.G. will endure 12 hrs. of riding in the rain and goes the distance not requiring constant re-application. G.G. is incredibly quiet, don't blame us if you hear your worn-out chainrings!!!

We gave G.G. to riders all over the world to do their worst. We even gave G.G. to riders who rode through entire Canadian winter...they LOVED IT.

Application Method

We recommend 15 drops applied randomly to your chain than distribute by rotating
your cranks until thoroughly worked into all the links. Finish by wiping the side plates with a cotton cloth and GO RIDE!

Frequent wiping of the chain side-plates with a cotton rag after riding will give you best results.

G.G. plays well with other lubricants however we recommend you start with a fairly clean chain.

Use Dawn dish liquid, hot water and a brush then let the chain dry before applying.