Muc-Off Bio Chain Doc

Muc-Off Bio Chain Doc

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Give your chain a health check with our Chain Doc. The combination of strong brushes and our strong cleaner will work wonders on a grimey chain.

The Muc-Off Chain Doc eliminates grime from bicycle chains with minimal effort. This life-saving chain cleaning machine works by clipping over the chain and combining heavy-duty rotating brushes with the awesome power of our Muc-Off Bio Chain Cleaner. It will bring your chain back to life in seconds... 19 to be exact.

The Chain Doc comes complete with a can of Muc-Off Bio Chain Cleaner, making it ready for cleaning straight from the box.

Our Bio Chain Doc gets to work fast, destroying chain grease and grime in just nineteen seconds.
Easy to use mechanism that clips over your bicycle chain with no fuss
Heavy-duty rotating brushes work to eliminate dirt
Suitable for use with all types of bicycle chain including Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes and BMX
Deep cleans your bike chain with minimal effort
Completely eliminates chain grease and grime
Free from dangerous chemicals
Suitable for all chain types
Long lasting nylon bristles
Comes with Bio Chain Cleaner
Quick and Easy to use

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