KOO Billy Mount For Sunglasses

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The BILLY is a sport performance eyewear mount for your bicycle, that offer a practical and secure place for your sunglasses when unused; the BILLY makes accessing your eyewear easy, and you no longer have to fumble around trying to find your sunglasses stowed on your helmet, or in a pocket. The BILLY does not interfere with the other devices installed on the bicycle, such as a power meter or computer. The BILLY is compatible with full-framed sport performance sunglasses. The BILLY is a great eyewear accessory to utilize when going uphill and at low speeds and you can pedal without having to protect your eyes from foreign objects, foul weather, or sweat droplets. The BILLY is suitable for Road and Triathlon use.

  • You can install the BILLY on the handlebar or stem, be sure to choose a stable position that does not obstruct the movements of the bicycle.
  • To hold the sunglasses in the BILLY you simply:
  • Insert the brow of the frame into the holder, using a small amount of pressure.
  • Double check that your eyewear is secure before continuing your ride.
  • Additionally, you can fold the eyewear stems to minimise the space of the eyewear.
  • Slide the glasses with one hand keeping a firm grip on the frame and rod

**KOO is not liable for damage caused to the glasses, items or persons due to the incorrect use of the device, such as, for example, in the case where the glasses are knocked by hands or used on rough ground or high speed.

Compatible with all framed sunglasses
Practical and secure
Quick to install and remove
Lightweight (4gms)
Suitable for Road and Triathlon use

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