Kogel 12/12T Oversized Derailleur Pulleys (11 & 12-Speed)

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Our oversized ceramic derailleur pulleys run on the same trusted ceramic bearings that we use in our bottom brackets. Using aluminum instead of plastics for the wheels makes them durable, especially for off road use.

Looking to upgrade or replace worn-out pulleys? Now there's even more to love about Kogel's oversized ceramic derailleur pulleys. The new line improves performance with three major updates:

  • Increased stiffness using A-Shaped pillars between the bearings and teeth
  • Maximized tooth count for every derailleur helps deliver optimal drivetrain performance
  • Enhanced visual design achieves a more cohesive look across the different models.

Choose the seal option that best matches your typical riding environment. 
Uber-Efficient Road seal version runs with minimal contact seals to achieve the lowest friction we can make while maintaining our 1+1 year warranty

Super-Durable Cross seal versions are built for leaving the beaten path, for riders that live for Rule #9 offering the best durability, regardless of the weather conditions


  • Shimano 11-Speed (R9100, R8000, R7000)
  • Campagnolo 12-Speed
  • SRAM eTap 11 and 12-Speed

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