Knog PWR Helmet/GoPro Mount

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The PWR Helmet/GoPro Mount is compatible with all PWR bike lights, except for PWR Mountain to mount your light on top of your helmet. It’s tri-prong system works with GoPro and can be used to mount lights under Garmin and other mounts.

TO FIT LIGHT TO MOUNT : MODULAR LIGHTS: - Slide light onto the mount. - Select preferred slot - furthest forward is best. - Secure in slot with thumbscrew, turning anticlockwise. CHARGER LIGHTS: - Use thumbscrew to simply attach light body (turning anticlockwise). - Always make sure you have the right mount for your chosen ride.

Dimensions: H: 34mm x W: 43mm x L:46mm
Designed to fit most vented helmets, common for road and trail cycling.

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