JRC Kaze Carbon Bottle Cage - Matte UD

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Built on the foundation of our past cages, the Kaze Carbon Bottle Cage features a super lightweight full carbon fibre construction with a new open design to maximise compatibility of the cage with almost all bottles!

Available in raw carbon or with chrome decal finish
Minimalist design
Additional carbon layers added to the base and wings to ensure maximum strength
Tight 'Snap-in' fit
3K inner Weave and Unidirectional carbon outer finish
One of the lightest open-style bottle cages on the market coming in at only 18g (including coloured decal)
Suitable for 500ml and 750ml bottles. Compatible with Tacx, Elite, Zéfal, Camelbak etc.

Bottle Cage
Rubber Gripper which can be added for a tighter fit
2x Lightweight Black Alloy Bolts

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