Jagwire Road Elite Sealed Brake Cable Kit

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The Road Elite Sealed Brake Kit uses a continuous liner that seals the system completely and protects it against dirt, mud and debris. Available in unique three colors, this system offers the ultimate combination of protection and low-friction performance.[split]

To ensure the lowest possible friction, we’ve paired Elite Polished Ultra-Slick inner cables with our improved Slick-Lube continuously-lubricated liners. This combination delivers precise cable movement and excellent durability.

  • The continuous liner running from the levers to the brake caliper offers outstanding protection from dirt and debris
  • Elite Polished Ultra-Slick cables are paired with Slick-Lube liners to minimize friction
  • Low-compression housing results in crisp brake lever feel
  • 2.4mm inner liner may not be compatible with all frames and components

Housing Construction: CSX
Outside Diameter: 5.0mm
Housing Length: 2200mm
Liner: Slick-Lube
Cable Construction: STS-EL
Compatibility: SRAM/Shimano Road
Front Cable Length: 1350mm
Rear Cable Length: 2000mm

Kit Includes:
1x 2200mm CSX Brake Housing
1x 1350mm STS-EL Elite Polished Ultra-Slick Front Brake Inner Cable
1x 2000mm STS-EL Elite Polished Ultra-Slick Rear Brake Inner Cable
1x 1275mm Slick-Lube Liner
1x 1925mm Slick-Lube Liner
2x Open Brass End Caps
4x Open Alloy End Caps
2x Cable Tips
2x Grub Seals
2x 5G Tube Tops
2x Rotating Hooks