Hiplok "DX Lock" Max Security Bike Lock - Black

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A double dead lock and anti-rotation locking combine with a 14mm premium hardened steel shackle to withstand the toughest of attacks. Independently awarded maximum Diamond level security rating by the experts at sold secure.

One of most lightweight gold rated bike locks and with patented clip ride system, the dx clips on to belts and bag straps making it easy to carry on your ride.

Worry less, ride more. Hiplok locks are engineered using the highest quality materials built to stand the test of time. We offer you total peace of mind with a lifetime warranty.

Maximum Security D Lock
Double Dead Lock
Anti-rotation Locking
14mm Premium Hardened Steel Shackle
Patented Clip + Ride System
Diamond Sold Secure
3 X Coded Replaceable Keys
Locking Area: 15cm X 8.5cm

Mfr Claimed Weight