Hiplok "D Lock" Compact Bike Lock - Black

Hiplok "D Lock" Compact Bike Lock - Black

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With Hiplok’s integrated clip ride system, the compact Hiplok D clips on to belts and bag straps, making it super easy to carry a tough D-lock. And you’ll love the optimised weight and rubberised shackle which prevents frame scratch on lock up.

Our compact D-lock is not small on security. With a premium hardened steel 13mm shackle built to withstand tough attacks, Hiplok D is independently approved by the security experts at sold secure, sbsc and fg.

Worry less, ride more. Hiplok locks are engineered using the highest quality materials built to stand the test of time. We offer you total peace of mind with a lifetime warranty.

High Security compact D Lock
Patented CLIP+RIDE system
Double dead lock
13mm hardened steel shackle
Rubberised to prevent frame scratch
Coded replaceable keys
Sold Secure Silver
Locking Area: 13.5cm x 7cm
Designed for riding

Mfr Claimed Weight