Giro SPF30 Ultralight Skull Cap - White

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Enjoy warm sunny rides with the spf ultralight skull cap. it helps to wick moisture, provides upf30+ rating with excellent breathability, and the smart seam helps alleviate pressure points from your helmet.

The spf ultralight skull cap provides great sweat-wicking performance and an spf rating of 30, so you can ride hard on summer days with a little extra protection from the sun.

Designed to be worn under a helmet, it is thin enough to fit without bunching and light enough to practically disappear when you put it on. You can also expect to stay cool and dry on the ride, thanks to the X-Static Performance Jersey mesh and power mesh side panels on the SPF Ultralight Skullcap.

X-static performance jersey mesh top panel (spf 30)
96% polyester
4% x-static fiber

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