Enfitnix Navi600 - Front Light

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This lamp features in free dimming by simply sliding on the touch area, providing a very quick way to get the desired illumination to meet specific needs. This feature saves operation time compared with regular headlight, and cycling safety improved.
Existing runtime and light brightness is shown in figures, lamp management much conveniently improved. Especially for night cycling, riders find it easy to schedule their journey according to the lighting availability.
The Cree XPL LED works with optimized circuit and ensures reliable performance. It is flickering free and the high color index provides a clear night view. Daylight color tone, slightly warm and not too cool, is eyes friendly.
Both Manual & Auto light controls are provided in this lamp, to meet specific needs and personal preference. In Auto status, lamp is controlled by ambient lux levels, battery runtime extended.
The quality LG 3350mAH Li-ion battery supports stable work and long service life. It takes USB port Type C for charging. With the improved smart circuit control, battery works in optimal conditions, stability and service life ensured.
This lamp adopts muRata temperature transmitter and has overheat protection circuit. The alloy housing, CNC-machined & anodized, helps dissipate heat and work in different weather. The careful production grants an overall sealing needed for water splash proof in rainy weather.
Equipped with quick install & release bracket, simple to mount on handlebar, no tools involved. In addition, an adaptor is enclosed for install on camera bracket.

Run Time: Lower power(100Lux)about 14 hrs, Normal Power(450Lux)3hrs, Full power(600lux) about 2hrs, Flash Mode 36hrs.
Battery Capacity: 3350mA
Dimension: 10 x 3.1cm
Brightness: 600lux
Connector: USB Type C
Color: Black
Water Proof: IPx5

1x Front Light
1x mount bracket 1x adaptor (included) for install on camera bracket (not included)
1x USB line

Mfr Claimed Weight
123g (Including Battery)