Effetto Mariposa Carogna Remover - 150mL

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Carogna Remover is a modern solvent that will soften/gelify dried-out mastic or other glues, allowing to completely remove them from carbon or aluminum rims. That will provide the optimal surface for passing to our Carogna tubular tape… or use fresh mastic on a clean rim.[split]

Using a new breed of chemicals, Carogna Remover won’t force you to work outside or open doors and windows in your workshop, unlike fast evaporating solvents. No smell means you can safely use it indoor. In-fact, despite its very strong action, Carogna Remover doesn’t contain any dangerous or flammable chemical and is totally benign to metal or carbon fiber.

Carogna Remover, thanks to its high viscosity, can be spread on the rim gluing surface, where mastic is, with a brush. Being red, you will clearly see where it is and spread it evenly on the whole glued surface. Allowing time to work (between 2 to 12 hours, depending on the mastic type), Carogna Remover will dissolve the mastic, making it easy to remove with a cloth.


  • Carogna Remover should be spread on the whole gluing surface using a small brush. We recommend to completely cover mastic traces with a thick layer (around 1 mm) of Remover. Thanks to its high viscosity, Carogna Remover won’t drip down but stay where you put it, on top of the mastic, dissolving it.
  • WARNING #1: immediately clean Carogna Remover if any excess goes on rim decals, as some might be dissolved.
  • WARNING #2: do not apply on the tubular base tape! While it could certainly function on the mastic there, Carogna Remover might weaken the adhesion of the base tape to the tubular casing.
  • Allow Carogna Remover time to work: depending on the mastic type, thickness and ageing, more time might be need. Once the old mastic is covered with Remover, the wheel can be hung somewhere and checked from time to time (between 2 to 12 hours), trying to scrape the mastic away using a plastic tire lever or an old rag. If mastic is still holding strong, allow more time.
  • When the old mastic is “cooked”, Carogna Remover will have it softened and turned it into gel: it can, at this point, be removed using a cloth or a plastic tire lever.

    Made in Italy
    Available as a 150mL tube