CeramicSpeed ITA30 Bottom Bracket (Italian Threaded)

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 The ITA30 bottom bracket kit is an impressive bit of design. It allows you to mate a 30mm spindle crank, like those from Rotor to a narrow 35mm diameter, 70mm wide threaded bottom bracket shell.

The bearings come installed in cups, which are then threaded into the bottom bracket shell. Those bearings are either our Standard or Coated Bearings. Both have super round, super smooth CeramicSpeed balls rolling on hardened-steel races. The Coated version has a metallic coating laid onto the races, making them even harder and smoother, resulting in longer life and lower drag.

Italian threading can be found on many high-performing Italian-built bikes. The threaded extension is thin, as they need to fit a 30mm spindle inside the 35mm shell.
The oversized spindle was designed to be stiffer and faster, same as the CeramicSpeed system. CeramicSpeed standard bearings typically have frictional drag of 0.3-0.4 watts per set. That’s in the range of a 75% drag reduction compared to standard bottom brackets. That’s thanks to balls that are 100% smoother and 15% harder than the ceramic competition. The bearings last at least three times longer than other bearings.
You can change the grease to tune performance. Race Day, All Round, and Long Life are three greases CS designed to help the bearings roll smoothly. The first is the least drag, the last is the most durable. All Round comes in road bearings.

In the box:
2 threaded cups with bearings installed.
2 1mm spacers.
2 0.5mm spacers.
2 dust covers.
CeramicSpeed All Round Grease.
Sticker sheet.

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