Cane Creek eeBrake Spare Parts

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Replacement parts for Cane Creek eeBrake road calipers.[split]

  • G4 Cable Adjuster assembly (BEE0082)
  • 2-piece Link & Swivel assembly (BEE0114)
  • Direct Mount adapter for Specialized Tarmac SL6 (BEE0166)
  • Shoe & Hardware assembly - 2 Pairs (BEE0083) 
  • Direct Mount Front Legacy Link Upgrade Kit (BEE0207)
  • Direct Mount Rear Legacy Link Upgrade Kit (BEE0208)
  • Regular Mount Front or Rear Legacy Link Upgrade Kit (BEE0209)
  • Direct Mount Front Spring Replacement (AEE0133)
  • Replacement Cable Ti Bolt (AEE0048)
  • Replacement Cable Plate

Sold as a single units (enough for one brake set). Please note that spare parts should be installed by a professional bike mechanic. Incorrect installation may result in serious malfunction and/or damage to the bike or rider.