Campagnolo EPS V4 12 Speed Internal Interface

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The Campagnolo DTI EPS Internal Interface Unit V4 is the central communication device for the Super Record EPS 2x12-speed shifting components transmitting ErgoPower signals to front and rear derailleur.

The EPS shift levers send an analogue signal. The rear derailleur and front derailleur work digital. The Interface converts the analogue signal into a unique digital signal and sends it to the Power Unit as well as via Bluetooth Low Energy and via ANT+ in real time to a variety of external devices such as mobile phones or bike computers.

Zero setting / ride setting - The DTI interface processes the data received during the initial setup of the front and rear derailleurs (Zero Setting) and also during smaller adjustments (Ride Setting). These smaller fine-tuning adjustments can be carried out while in the saddle as well. In the background, the interface transmits and receives signals to and from the Power Unit™ thousands of times every second, processing them accordingly to ensure that the drivetrain functions correctly in all situations.

Thanks to RGB LED's, it is possible to check the battery charge level as well as possible issues with the EPS system at any time.

Wireless communication with the "MyCampy" app via PC / notebook / tablet / smartphone (BTLE), allowing the user of the EPS groupset to personalize settings.
Displaying the battery charge status via LED.
As a diagnostic mechanism displaying color coded signals for any eventual problem with the EPS drivetrain.
Easy access to the charging jack.
Registering the initial setup and allowing micro adjustments of the rear and front derailleur even while riding.
Processing information coming from the rear and front derailleur through the EPS Power Unit.
Synchro Shift: Automatic shifting once a set gear ratio has been reached following the gear change.

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