We Are Spooky 😈

Words & Images by Spooky Cycles

Riding bicycles has gotten complicated. As ones interest in the sport grows so do the things to worry and obsess over. The fact that we even reference it as a “sport” shows how competition and progression has become the driving force in the cycling world.

Ask any cyclist why they ride and they will tell you it makes them feel like a kid again. That pure sense of freedom and fun always rises to the top. It’s not racing up climbs, testing lateral stiffness, or finding ways to trade weight for power. 

We’re not saying it isn’t fun riding fast, shaving grams, or saving for that new carbon goodie you’ve had your eye on. All these things go a long way in getting us out there and for longer. We love seeing the new innovation the industry pumps out year after year. At Spooky we ride on the shoulders of giants.

It all started before carbon. As we know aluminum had been the premium choice of material used in all categories of bikes until it was replaced in time by carbon fiber. But aluminum has come along way since its old glory days and continues to proves itself a contender in spirit and performance. That’s why we still use it today.

Advances in technology and manufacturing processes means that we can better shape and manipulate aluminum tubes to achieve a ride quality that rivals carbon while being lighter than steel and cheaper than carbon and titanium. Mix that with the knowledge and mastery of the craftsman, Frank The Welder, that pioneered race proven aluminum into the bike industry and you get a bike that will convert even the most innovative riders that love carbon.


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