Zipp Tangente Speed RT25 Road Tubeless Tyre (700 x 25mm)


  • $99.99

Zipp’s Tangente Speed RT25 tubeless tires deliver the lowest rolling resistance, best dry and best overall cornering grip among major brands, according to testing at an independent lab. Zipp’s Tangente Speed RT25 and RT28 are performance and race-oriented tires designed for on-pavement riding.

The new tubeless tires were modeled after Zipp’s pioneering wide road clincher tires, the Zipp Tangente Speed R28, Tangente Course R28 and Tangente Course R30. These tires feature low rolling resistance and high durability. The new tubeless Zipp Tangente Speed RT25 and RT28 feature the same tread pattern as these groundbreaking clincher models.

127 TPI nylon casing.
Low rolling resistance, high cornering grip provide speed and stability in any situation
Ability to run lower tire pressures with reduced risk of pinch flats
Max tire pressure 115PSI for RT25 and 100PSI for RT28
No tire levers needed or recommended for installation
Polyamide puncture protection layer under tread
60 ShA durometer rubber (Shore A)
Water-siping tread pattern
Designed for tubeless wheelsets only

Mfr Claimed Weight

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