Wolfpack Road Cotton Race Clincher Tyre - Gumwall

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Size 700 x 24mm

Wolfgang Arenz has developed many award-winning racing bike tires in recent years and now combines all of his know-how in the new WOLFPACK RACE COTTON tire. 

The cotton carcass of the RACE COTTON is even more supple than a nylon carcass and thus reduces rolling resistance.

The high flexibility of the material increases comfort to an unprecedented level and also offers a very high level of puncture resistance. The RACE COTTON is a force in competition and encourages top performance. Anyone who has used the tire once will normally be very reluctant to switch to another tire.

Note: Continuous checks for tread detachment are essential in order to continue driving safely with this Wolfpack tire!

Unfortunately, there have been problems with tread detachment with this product for some time, which is why we have removed this item from our range for the time being. However, since there is still a high demand, we are now offering all Cotton tires at a lower price, so that our customers can continue to purchase them and at the same time ignore any problems that may arise!

Tube Type Only
ToGuard Compound
Max Pressure : 8.5psi

Mfr Claimed Weight
220g (24mm)
230g (26mm)