White Industries TSR 1x Chainring

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White Industries TSR (tall short ring) has undergone three years of research and development to give you a chaining that is not only functionally efficient, but also appealing to both your eyes and ears. [split]

Our precision machining takes a typical narrow wide chaining and transforms it into a strong lightweight chain ring using both tall/short teeth as well as alternating narrow/wide teeth to make the TSR reliable, efficient, and one of the quietest chain rings available in the marketplace. Compatible with 1x11 and 1x12 cassettes, the TSR will be ready for any adventure you throw at them.

Material: 7075 Aluminium
Sizes: 36t to 46t
Colour: Black Anodized
Available in 3mm offset (standard) or 0mm offset (boost)
Made in USA

Mfr Claimed Weight