veloToze Tall Shoe Covers - Black

veloToze Tall Shoe Covers are designed for road cycling on cold, rainy or snowy days. Whether it’s race day, training day or just another commute day, veloToze Tall Shoe Covers will keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable. 
Waterproof: Form a tight seal with your calf, to keep your feet and shoes dry
Windproof: Keep your feet warm even on cold rides (5-16c)
Lightweight: Flexible material that doesn’t retain water when wet
No zippers/straps: Innovative overshoe design with no vulnerability points
Aerodynamic: Smooth material creates a form-fitting design
Compact: Easily fits in jersey pocket or saddle bag
1: Put on sock
2: Pull shoe cover/overshoe on over sock
3: Put foot through large cleat hole, and pull shoe cover up around ankle
4: Put on road bike shoe
5: Pull shoe cover down over heel of shoe FIRST, then toe
6: Adjust around ankle, cleats and heel pad. Ensure no part of shoe covers/overshoe are over cleats or heel pad

Note: Pull top of shoe cover over sock or under leg warmers. The top of the shoe cover needs to be against your skin or water may enter the shoe cover.
Warning: Shoe cover may tear if you do not FIRST put on shoe cover, then shoe.