Tune DC100/DC130 Quick Release Skewers Set - CCACHE

Tune DC100/DC130 Quick Release Skewers Set

The combination of a bigger carbon lever together with the cylindrical eccentric preserves the hands, and displays an enormous clamping power. The clamping force has been raised up to 50% in comparison to the preceding generation.

Tune quick release skewers are in a class of their own. Ultra-light but with extremely high clamp force. Unique visual appearance with a mixture of anodized and oxidized shades. Slim and safe, with no sharp edges, no risk of injury or damage.

Tapered in the threadless part to conduct the force lines below the nut and head end, avoiding notch damage. As a consequence the fine threads are rolled, instead of cut. This is an unique kind of forging method for threads.

Axle: TiAl6V4 Titanium
Lever: Carbon
Eccentric/counternut: Aluminium
Front Length: 100mm
Rear Length: 130mm

Mfr Claimed Weight