TRP Spyre Flat Mount Disc Brake Caliper Set (Take-Off)

A "take-off" is an as-new part that was removed from a floor-stock bike, typically because a different part was specified upon delivery. These new take-off parts are sold as an one-off only, comes sans retail packaging, and is priced accordingly.

Sold as a set - front & rear calipers, and 160mm 6-bolt rotors

The Spyre, a mechanical disc brake that offers superior performance with incredibly easy setup. This is a dual piston actuated mechanical disc brake caliper which provides precise clamping force. This translates into even pad and rotor wear because the rotor does not need to flex to one side during braking. We added a simple cable barrel adjuster to make fine tuning easy. All of this in an incredibly thin 40mm, 146g package, that works with any drop bar levers on the market.

    Dual sided actuation
    Works with ALL cable actuated road levers
    Comes with TRP ultra-grippy semi-metallic pads
    Calipers are compatible with Shimano M525/M515 pads
    All flat mount calipers being mounted to the fork require the FF-5 Front Flat Mount 140/160mm adapter

    Mfr Claimed Weight
    154g per caliper