TRP Hylex RS Hydraulic Drop Brake Lever (Flat Mount)

A drilled out lever blade shaves weight as well as improves grip. This is a full hydraulic disc brake system for drop bars. It sports an integrated master cylinder in the low-profile ergonomically shaped lever body. This brake is for single speed aficionados, the rider who wants simplicity without sacrificing braking performance. Using our Hylex Di2 Adapter Kit this system can be used with a Di2 drivetrain.

    A separate bleed kit is required for shortening brake lines
    Front Brake is a left-hand lever with 800mm hose
    Rear Brake is a right-hand lever with 1800mm hose
    Full Open Hydraulic System
    Ergonomic and perfectly sized hoods create a natural extension from the rider’s hands to the bike
    Utilizes TRP’s semi-metallic pad compound
    Compound works well in dry conditions but may wear quicker in wet/muddy conditions
    Flat mount version compatible with Shimano K02S/K04S pads
    Rotors, adapters, and flat mount mounting bolts sold separately
    All flat mount calipers being mounted to the fork require the FF-5 Front Flat Mount 140/160mm adapter

    Mfr Claimed Weight