Silca Bourbon Titanium Bottle Cage Set - Limited Edition - CCACHE
Silca Bourbon Titanium Bottle Cage Set - Limited Edition - CCACHE

Silca Bourbon Titanium Bottle Cage Set - Limited Edition

*** Kit includes 2x Ti Cages and 2x Ti Straws ***

Inspired by Chris King, we are offering a special edition Bourbon Titanium Kit. Produced in a very small batch, this kit includes two SICURO Ti Bottle Cages and two Titanium Straws anodized in the rich, bourbon color. Each SICURO Ti cage is hand-made in the USA at our Indianapolis, IN headquarters using custom manufacturing processes and a state of the art laser welder, the first of its kind in the bicycle industry. Made from aerospace-grade titanium tubing, these cages feature unique slotted mounting eyelets which allow fore/aft adjustability on the bike. Actual bourbon is not included.

In our quest to create the ultimate bottle cage, we found ourselves completely fascinated by the look, feel and durability of tubular titanium construction. This combination of design characteristics produces a cage that has better retention on gravel and other harsh surfaces and has proven to be the superior design when mounted on the underside of the down tube, so common in adventure riding and touring. While classic in appearance, this material and its manufacturing are as complex and high tech as it gets. Each SICURO Ti cage comes with two of our premium titanium mounting screws. Each screw is machined complete in one operation from 6Al/4V titanium on a Swiss Lathe.

Specifications (Cage)
Seamless 3-2.5 titanium tubing
Extended adjustment mounting - up to 16mm fore/aft
Low-profile 6-4 titanium mounting screws (1.5 grams each)
Weight - 29 grams w/o screws
SILCA Shield Warranty included covering your cage for 25 years!

Specifications (Straw)
6.35mm Diameter 3/2.5 Titanium tubing
One straight 8.5" + One bent 8.5" Titanium Straw
Dishwasher Safe
Avoid using abrasive cleaning pads
Straws are ultrasonically cleaned in our factory, but it's a factory.. please wash them before using it!

Mfr Claimed Weight
29g (per cage)
1.5g (per bolt)