Satisfy Justice Trail Long Distance 10" Shorts - Black

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Ultralight 6 pocket shorts with a unique anti-chafe inseam construction designed for trail and long distance running. Weighs 135g.[split]

Made entirely of our proprietary Justice™ fabric which naturally stretches in 4 directions, and weighing only 135g, these are the ultimate shorts for trail and long distance running. The 10" compression lining protects your legs from water and mud, and 6 pocket system ensures you can carry all the nutrition you need.

Our proprietary Justice™ technology was developed in house. This unique synthetic fabric is produced in France by a natural silk maker whose business was founded in 1839 and pivoted in the 1960s to technical and elastic yarn manufacturing. Borrowing from medical technology, Justice™ is highly durable and resilient, but has a feel of silk and an incomparable lightness. It stretches naturally in every direction, following the body movements while staying breathable. Justice™ dries astonishingly quickly, preventing bacteria from mixing with your sweat and staying odor free. All shorts linings are made from Justice™ and feature clean cut edges for maximum comfort and lightness.

Bonded seams means flat seams which ensure extra fabric doesn't rub against your skin and reduces the weight of the product. This technology uses high-temperature heat machines to weld the seams together with an elastic invisible glue tape which stretches with the fabric. The inseam of our shorts are uniquely designed to remove all excess fabric from the outer layer and protect the inner thighs from friction.

  • Expandable sweatproof phone pocket to hold up to an iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Expandable nutrition pockets to carry up to 6 gels
  • Sweatproof zipper back pocket for credit cards and keys
  • Double waistband to tuck drawcords in and avoid chafing
  • Reflective print
  • Signature mini carabiner to hold an extra key or jewelry
  • Detachable exterior branding and care label

Justice Exterior 72% Polyamide / 28% Elastane
Justice Lining 72% Polyamide / 28% Elastane
High durability fabric maintains elasticity twice as long as industry average
Ethically produced in Portugal
These running shorts are designed for a regular fit
Fits true to size, take your normal size

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