Rock 'N' Roll Miracle Red Bio Degreaser

Rock 'N' Roll

  • $19.99

A 3-in-1 bio-degreaser, hand cleaner and stain remover. 100% natural, no citrus, pumice or petroleum products. This product will float the grease out of finger prints and will remove grease from white T- shirts like a miracle. Hates grease too.

​Due to the popular demand of Miracle Red to also be sold as a spray bottle, Rock N' Roll is meeting that demand, Carbon Cruncher style. But we do not want to ship water, which will cost more for people to buy the product. By having people add their own water, it keeps the cost down but it also saves natural resources and helps keep the air clean. This is a very simple common sense way to do business.

Miracle Red is a great product that cleans excellently and is all natural and safe to use. With this new spray bottle riders can spray and clean their bikes. Spray and clean hands while working on a bike. For many years people have found Miracle Red to be the best natural cleaner they have ever used.

Available as a premix spray bottle (produces .94 litre with a 5:1 mix) or a refill bottle (473mL).

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