Princeton Carbonworks PEAK 4550 Disc Brake Carbon Wheelset

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Exceptional Handling. Ultra Lightweight. King of the Mountain.

Princeton CarbonWorks announces their all new PEAK 4550, developed in conjunction with the top cyclists in the world; a lighter, stiffer, stronger, and more aerodynamic solution directly targeted at world tour and grand tour racing (and of course, ALL racing and riding…)

Development priorities were to create an all-around race ready wheel with exceptional aerodynamic characteristics and the strength and stiffness to transfer high wattages to the ground. The performance characteristics of grand tour riding are perhaps the most difficult to synthesize in a single wheelset. Riders need a wheelset that is light and responsive for the climbs. On the descents, they need predictable and sharp handing. In the valleys, the wheelset needs to be aerodynamic and impervious to crosswinds. And above all of that, the wheels need to hold up to thousands of kilometers of full gas racing.

PCW’s standard non-drilled tire bed facilitates a stiffer outer rim and transfers some material away from the tire bed to other critical areas in the wheel, helping to keep wheel weight low while maintaining high stiffness values.

Internal Rim Width: 18.5mm
Max Rim Width: 26mm
Max Rim Depth: 50mm
Min Rim Depth: 45mm
Spokes: Sapim® CX-Ray®
Nipples: Sapim® Secure Lock
Spoke Count: 24/24
Brake Type: Disc
Hub Type: Tune
Free Hub Body: Shimano 11S, SRAM XDR, Campagnolo

Mfr Claimed Weight