Pas Normal Studios Solitude Mesh Jersey - Bright Orange

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Our definitive jersey for high summer, the Solitude Mesh Jersey is designed to make the most of your body's natural cooling process.

Unlock your ultimate climbing potential with the Solitude Mesh Jersey. This jersey is made for the hardest days on the bike when you demand as much from your kit as you do your body. Completely constructed from fully-dyed Polartec DELTAª fabric, the jersey takes on a minimalist perspective in its aesthetics. The mesh jersey has the same proven fit as its Solitude Jersey sibling and is tailored to our signature race fit for seamless comfort and aerodynamics.

Cut entirely from the revolutionary Polartec DELTAª Cooling Fabric, the jersey is able to more effectively utilize the body's natural cooling process. This innovative fabric composition delivers a more advanced control of moisture dispersal, effectively improving breathability when wet and eliminating wind chills after hard efforts.

NB: Due to the nature of the perforated fabric this jersey does not offer complete UV protection. Be sure to use quality sunscreen while wearing the Solitude Mesh Jersey during prolonged periods of direct sunlight.

All panels of the Solitude Mesh Jersey are made entirely from Polartec Deltaª Cooling Fabric. This fabric does more than just wick moisture away from your skin; it utilizes the moisture you generate to more effectively cool you down when it is hot. The fabric's radiating structures and specially engineered yarns disperse moisture, increase airflow, and reduce friction against the skin during movement.

The dispersal of moisture vapour between the skin and fabric that delivers the amplified cooling effect on hot days also reduces the fabric's ability to cling to your skin as you sweat. By reducing the wet-cling properties of the fabric, maximum levels of breathability are achieved when wet.

When conditions are really hot, a fabric that dries too quickly will short-circuit the body's natural cooling process, causing you to overheat and risk reaching dangerous levels of dehydration. The Polartec DELTAª fabric regulates dry times, strengthening the body's natural cooling process when exposed to heat.

Through the use of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres, the Solitude Mesh Jersey's fabric maintains maximum levels of breathability when wet while increasing evaporative heat loss. This fabric's composition amplifies the body's natural cooling ability, allowing it to deliver immediate and long-lasting relief.

Race fit
Polartec DELTAª Cooling Fabric
Lightweight and highly breathable fabric
Fast moisture dispersal and regulated drying times
Fully-dyed elastic waist gripper
Guarded zip ends
Full-length YKK zipper with semi auto-lock puller
Material: 86% Polyester, 14% Elastane
Made in Italy

Mfr Claimed Weight