Partington R-Series R39/R44 Wheelset

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The pinnacle of high-performance wheels. Hand-made to order in Geelong, Australia.[split]

​Centred around premium aerospace grade foam, and a blend of fibres, we produced a rim of exceedingly high stiffness-to-weight, and strength-to-weight characteristics. The topic of aerodynamics is a contentious one, especially when considered in a variety of frame and tire contexts, but a few attributes always hold true:

  • Larger nose radius on the front rim result in reduced forces at the handle bars in cross-wind conditions.
  • Deeper rim variants reduce spoke length and have a positive effect in reducing drag in a straight line.

We developed rim profiles based on proven trends, in conjunction with other functional attributes to produce for the rider, a balanced and versatile performer in our R39/R44 wheelset for the majority of circumstances.

A wider tire bed flattens the tire contact patch and reduces rolling resistance. Further, the wider supporting width of the tire makes the tire more stable and reassured during cornering. Our tubeless rim geometry is based on the pioneering works of Mavic and their UST standard in conjunction with the ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation).

Spokes represent an ideal opportunity for carbon fibre to excel. Uni-directional carbon fibres are exceptionally strong, and can have a stiffness to weight ratio of >12x that of steel; depending on the fibre selected. The connection of the spoke at both the rim and hub is critical in the efficiency and reliability of any wheel design. Adopting a rim-to-rim spoke configuration significantly reduces the stresses between the hub and spoke as the tension remains continuous throughout the length of the spoke.

We also adopt an asymmetrical spoke configuration on all our wheels to balance stresses in the shallower braced side. Further, as with all our technology, our spokes are manufactured in-house using our own proprietary process resulting a very high quality, high fidelity parts. We leverage this versatility in material design to tailor the ride characteristics of our wheels, noting that not everyone, or everyone's requirements are common. This is significant! Lateral stiffness is important for sharp accelerations or sprints, which are regularly encountered during accelerations or climes, but compliance is also required for confident cornering.

Based on a elegant aluminium construction, and without need for the camouflage of carbon fibre veneers, our hubs offer a precise and very deliberate connection between all mating components. The small frontal area and simple geometry makes for a aerodynamically conscious solution that is easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. The individual and continuous wrapping of the spokes around the hub provide plentiful bonding area so secure and safe operation down eve the longest descents.

Hybrid ceramic bearings come as standard, not an option to keep you rolling reliably. Our wheels are only available in centre-lock disc format, but support all common drive standards.

Rim Depth: 39mm/44mm
External Width: 26.5mm
Internal Width: 21.0mm
Number of Spokes: 20/20
Optimal Tyre Width: 25-28mm
Thru Axle: 100x12mm/142x12mm
Rotor Compatibility: Centrelock
Tubeless Ready
Handmade to order in Geelong, Australia

Max Weight Limit (Rider + Luggage)

Mfr Claimed Weight