Molten Speed Wax Race Chain - 11 Speed - CCACHE

Molten Speed Wax Race Chain - 11 Speed

These MSW Race Chains have been ultrasonically cleaned, waxed with Molten Speed Wax, then finished off with an application of MSW Race Powder.

A Molten Speed Wax Race Chain is suitable for all road and off road racing. It is amazing in dust, mud and water as being solid it is the lubricant most resistant to friction increases. Like all lubricants however the more extreme the conditions, the shorter the lifespan of the lubricant.

Molten Speed Wax Race Chains (Prepped by MSW in USA) have undergone the most exacting machine break-in, ultrasonic cleaning and wax and powder treatment to attain the lowest friction chain. There is a lot of labour and prep time per chain. No shortcuts, no mass production prep. When it comes to prepping the fastest chains the devil is in the detail, and with MSW race chains there are no short cuts, no mass production batch prepping etc.

Available in Silver, Gold or Black
YBN SLA 11-speed chain + quick link
Ultrasonically cleaned
Waxed with Molten Speed Wax
Race Powder Treatment
Ideal for Race Day Use

Mfr Claimed Weight

Note: A Race chain is not a one-off expensive purchase. Your race chain can be easily re-optimized by re-treating at home – full guide is provided on request.