milKit Tubeless Valve System - CCACHE

milKit Tubeless Valve System

milKit can be used with all standard rims, tires, and sealants.

Easy: Measure and refill sealant through the rubber flaps without deflating the tire
Reliable: Rubber flaps prevents sealant from filling and blocking the valves
Clean: Install tire dry – add sealant later. No more mess.

  • Screw out the milKit valve core no air is lost, thanks to closed rubber flaps
  • Insert the milKit applicator through the valve to measure the sealant in the tire
  • Identify how much extra sealant is needed
  • Inject sealant with the milKit applicator
  • Put back the valve core and go ride!

Each kit contains 2x milKit valves, measuring syringe, valve core tool & stickers

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