Metier Element Race Graphene G+ Base Layer (Short Sleeve)

The short sleeve Element Race Layer is the first base layer in the world to use Graphene G+ technology. The application of Graphene when printed onto fabric creates a unique performance environment which is incredibly effective at controlling the core temperature of your body — either dissipating heat in hot weather, or retaining heat in the cold.

Graphene is better at carrying heat than any other material on earth. Using this space age element, Métier has bonded a specially designed pattern to redefine base layers. The pattern engages with the body's hotspots to dissipate heat throughout the thermal circuit, either cooling or warming your core temperature.

Seamless bonding minimises irritation to the rider. The bonded edges also provide enhanced breathability by eliminating the need to sew and tape multiple layers of fabric together. As well as reducing weight, this creates less bulk and a better fit.

Thermal circuit enables unrivalled thermo-regulation
Dissipates heat in warm weather
Retains and distributes heat in cold conditions
Chemical free production process
Certified non-toxic & non-cytotoxic
High wicking
Quick drying
Ultra lightweight
Fully breathable
Odour resistant
UPF 50+
Compression fit
Fully bonded seams

Mfr Claimed Weight
66g (Medium)