Manual For Speed RFTD Space Tape - Black/White

Manual For Speed

  • $54.99

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You know it, you love it, you’ve been asking for it. It’s been two years since we last issued the bar tape known around the world, and now it’s back once again.

Dan Funderburgh on the inspiration of the design: “I wanted an optical gradient effect and have been playing around with Arabic and Islamic tessellation. Various Op Art and Escher's 'Metamorphosis' probably an influence as well. The hexagonal repeat is one of the 3 standard geometric tessellations, but in my opinion the most handsome. It's often found in Middle Eastern architecture.”

Sold as two (2) rolls of bar tape, finishing strips and bar-ends
Fabricated by Cinelli
Designed by Dan Funderburgh

Mfr Claimed Weight

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