Lightweight Gipfelsturm Tubular Wheelset

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Time and time again we are confronted by conflicting objectives which don’t seem to be reconcilable. And it is these that spur us on and keep us on our toes. We’ve always followed the maxim of “find the best solution rather than make lazy compromises”. This is exactly how we went about creating GIPFELSTURM. [split]

We wanted a high-profile wheel that would set new benchmarks in toughness, crosswind conditions and comfort. The result is the perfect wheel for both strong winds and hills, a wheel that notably relieves strain on the neck and shoulders. Its maneuverability and steering precision are phenomenal, even in the most adverse weather conditions. The completely sealed design stops water and dirt getting inside the wheel. This is why discerning cyclists opt for GIPFELSTURM. Wise choice, we think.

  • Agile and less vulnerable to crosswinds
  • Stiff and comfortable at the same time
  • The perfect all-round wheelset for very windy conditions and hilly terrain

    RIM MATERIAL: Carbon
    WHEEL SIZE: 700c
    TIRE TYPE: Tubular
    RIM DEPTH: 27mm/27mm
    RIM WIDTH: 20mm (External)
    NO. OF SPOKES: 20/24
    TYRE WIDTH: 19-27mm

    Max Rider Weight + Luggage

    Mfr Claimed Weight